Packman Starburst Runtz 

Packman Starburst Runtz sativa

Packman Starburst Runtz 

Starburst Runtz is a sativa dominant with extremely high thc levels. Sweet and tangy taste will have you addicted in no time. Each hit delivers a flavorful wave of fruity candy mixed with timeless runtz hint undertones that lingers just enough to keep you coming back for more. When smoked, Starburst Runtz is known to produce a light-hearted and uplifting feeling. This sensation creates for an easy-going mindset that can help spur creativity or socializing. If you’re looking for something that makes you feel carefree, don’t forget to try this product!

Weed strain yield

Starburst runtz is quite easy to grow in greenhouse atmosphere. You would not be needing big yields as it’s generally is less than 0.5 ounces per square foot. The plants are also little over two feet tall.

 The reality is that seed firms provide expected yields that are laughable at times. Some might state that you can expect five to six pounds per plant which just is not true for a majority of strains.

Packman Starburst Runtz  Flavors:

tangy, sweet, citrus, sweet, tree fruit.

Flowering time

flowering phase of growing starburst runtz lasts an extremely short six to seven weeks. Guess bright green nugs with pink leaves. There are orange hairs along with a yellow covering of trichomes.


uplifting, happy, giggly, hungry, head high.

So you can go ahead and try

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